Constitution & Rules:

Rule Page
01 Title and scope 3
02 Annual General Meeting 3
03 Executive Committeeand Team Management 4
04 Player Numbers and Teams in Each Division 5
05 Minimum and Maximum Ages 5
06 The Ground 5
07 Annual Registration Fees 6
08 Sponsorship and affiliations 6
09 Registration of players and allocations to Teams 7
10 Transfers of Players 9
11 Fixtures 9
12 Match Officials Fees and Attendance 10
13 Kickoff times 11
14 First Aid Kits 11
15 Substitutes 12
16 Coaching of Players 12
17 Team Official acting as Linesman – Referee’s Assistant 13
18 Reporting of Results 13
19 Code of Conduct 13
20 Regulation Kit 16
21 Trustees of Leagues’ Trophies 16
22 Assets of the Leagues 17
23 Complaints and Right of Appeal 17
24 Alterations to the Rules 18
25 Contingency 18
Appendices 19

1 Title and Scope

The name of the older players League will be the PREMIER FOOTBALL LEAGUE, and the name of the younger players League will be the PRIMARY FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Collectively the leagues shall be known as the PBFL.

The main purpose of the PBFL shall be to provide facilities for and to promote participation in association football in the wider area of Kingston upon Thames.

Membership is open to individuals of all abilities, regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other beliefs.

The Executive Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the leagues or sport into disrepute. This is detailed further in section 19 below. Any appeal against refusal or removal can be made in accordance with section 23 below.

2 Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place within 3 months of the end of the financial year which is 31st May. Fourteen (14) days notice will be given to all parents/guardians of the players in the teams, the management of the teams and other officials who are entitled to attend and vote. These members, together with the Executive Committee, shall form the meeting; the business of which will be:

To elect the Executive Committee for the following season;

To receive and adopt the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts; and

To appoint the Scrutinizers.

Retiring Officers of the Executive Committee will be eligible for re-election without nomination. The names of all other candidates for election should be put to the General Secretary by not later than 1stMay in each year. The names of the retiring officers who are willing to stand for a further term, plus the names of those nominated, shall be circulated with the Notice of the AGM.

In the event that there are no candidates for any office, then nominations may be received at the AGM. Nominees are required to be over the age of 21. They should be of an upstanding character and have a proven track record of fairness and have no record of complaint which has been seen to undermine the rules of the PBFL. Any nominee found to be in breach of these criteria will not be considered to become a member of the Executive Committee and their nomination application refused.

3 Executive Committee and Team Management

3.1 The Leagues Council will consist of the President plus the Executive Committee, which will consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Referees Secretary, Registration Secretary, Kit Officer, Trophy Officer and any other officials who from time to time may be deemed to be necessary. The Executive Committee will have the power to form sub-committees for any specific activities which may from time to time be necessary. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Treasurer shall form the Finance Sub-committee, and any two of these officers will be authorized to make bank payments.

3.2 The Executive Committee will meet once every calendar month from July in each year, and hold Team Manager’s Meetings as required each year. The scheduled dates of all Committee and manager’s meetings will be published to each Team as soon as possible after the date of the AGM. Not less than seven (7) days notice will be given for any change to meetings dates, or additional meetings.

3.3 The Executive Committee will (re)appoint each Team Manager and, in consultation with the Team Managers, agree the appointment of Assistant Managers and Team Liaison Officers (TLO). The occupants of these posts shall form each team’s Management Team.

3.4 The Executive Committee has the power to carry out positive vetting, including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, on all persons associated with the running of the Leagues. If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, any check results in an outcome that is not consistent with the acceptable supervision, management and safeguarding of children, the individual concerned will be asked to leave the organization with immediate effect.

3.5 A member of each teams Management Team will attend all Team Managers Meetings. Failure to provide an attendee at two (2) consecutive meetings will result in a £10 fine being levied against the Team Management. The fine to be paid within fourteen (14) days.

3.6 No member of the Executive Committee or representative of a Team will be allowed to vote at any enquiry, leagues council meeting or executive committee meeting when the specific subject under discussion relates to that person, or officials or members of his/her Team and/or family.

3.7 The Leagues Council shall be entitled to attend and vote at all General or Extraordinary General Meetings. Only decisions taken in the presence of the Chairman or Vice Chairman (or General Secretary in the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman) – will be deemed valid. In the event of the vote being equal on any matter, the Chairman – (or the Vice Chairman in the latter’s absence) – will have the casting vote.

4 Player Numbers and Teams in each Division

These are contained in Appendix 1.

5 Minimum and Maximum Ages

The minimum and maximum ages for admission of players to the leagues are 6 and 15 years old respectively on 31 August prior to the start of that season.

6 The Ground

6.1 All games will be played on the allotted pitches at King George V Playing Fields, Hook Rise South, Tolworth, Surrey, KT6 7NA unless, in exceptional circumstances, a change of location is agreed by the Executive Committee.

6.2 The Management of each team is required to bring a quality match football to every official game. The team designated the “home team” will provide the match ball for the game. The team designated “away team” will provide the replacement match ball should one be required.

6.3 Ball sizes for each age group are as follows:

Under 8: Size 3

Under 10, 12 and 14: Size 4

Under 18: Size 5

6.4 The Management of all teams will be responsible for ensuring that regulation corner flags have been erected and the goal net fastenings are secure prior to the start of their game. The teams involved in the last games on each pitch will be responsible for ensuring that the corner flags and small sided goals are returned to the canteen area at the end of their game.

7 Annual Registration Fee

7.1 The registration fee for players in the Leagues will be determined at the AGM. Every Team Manager must ensure that fees and registration forms for all the players allocated to his/her team between May and June are handed into the Treasurer by the date stipulated on the registration form. Any fee and/or registration form not handed in by the due date will make that player ineligible to play, and replaceable, until either or both are received.

7.2 The registration fee and registration form for any player allocated to a team after the start of the season must be handed in to the Treasurer before the beginning of the fourth match that the player is eligible to play on.

7.3 Any player allocated to a team more than eight playing weeks after the season has commenced will be entitled to pay a reduced registration fee. The amount to be paid will be determined by the Treasurer.

8 Sponsorship and Affiliations

8.1 The Executive Committee will have responsibility for seeking and agreeing sponsorship for the Leagues, for league and cup competitions and for agreeing for any sponsorship for individual teams. Team Managers are allowed to seek sponsorship for the teams that they manage. Details of any prospective sponsor must be put to the General Secretary prior to acceptance of any offer being made.

8.2 Any Team Manager that has a sponsor who wishes to provide the Team Strip must first consult with the Kit Officer prior to any purchase and obtain agreement on the style, colour(s), advertising, etc. Any team strip provided by a sponsor for the use of a specific team becomes the property of the PBFL. As such, it cannot be reclaimed.

8.3 Where any sponsorship arrangement is agreed it is done strictly on the understanding that the Team(s), Division(s), and League(s) belong solely to the PBFL. As such, they are subject only to the rules laid down by this organization.

8.4 The only affiliations acceptable will be those agreed by the Executive Committee.

9 Registration of players and Allocations to Teams

9.1 Every parent/guardian of a child playing, or wishing to play, in the Leagues will be asked to provide the Registration Secretary with full details of their child in the form of a fully completed registration form. The Registration Secretary may, at his/her own discretion, request to see a Birth Certificate and/or valid passport.

9.2 When vacancies occur, players on the waiting list will be allocated by the Registration Secretary to the relevant team(s), provided that the player:

(i) is within the correct age group, and

(ii) has not played for another team in the League within the same age group.

Generally, therefore, it is unlikely that a player will join a team of their own choosing. However, unless otherwise requested by the parents, a new player who has a brother or sister already playing for a team in the League will be allocated, where possible, to the same team, assuming they match the age group qualifications for that team.

9.3 The team squad sizes for the season will be determined by the Executive Committee. Having been advised of this, every Team Manager is required to ensure that the Registration Secretary is immediately made aware, in writing, of any player(s) leaving their team squad. Failure to provide written notification to the Registration Secretary within seven (7) days of being advised by a parent or player that a player is either (a) intending to leave on a future date or (b) has simply left the team will result in a £10 fine being levied by the Executive Committee against the Team Management.

9.4 All players are expected to attend the ground and play unless an acceptable reason is given to the Team Manager, (or his/her Assistant), by no later than the early evening prior to the day of the game. Either the reason given or the annotation “no reason given” must be recorded on the Team Management Card. Any player failing to attend the ground must be reported to the Registration Secretary without delay in cases where:

(i) He/she fails to turn up on three (3) consecutive match days without good reason being given to the Team Management by their parent/guardian;

(ii) A pattern of absenteeism is established which leads to uncovering the fact that the player is following other activities (e.g. playing for their school, the borough, another team or another sport) or;

(iii) He/she is suffering a serious injury which prevents him/her participating in games for the remainder of the season.

If the facts are confirmed, the player’s registration will be cancelled and a replacement player allocated. Failure to adequately note on the Team Management Card the reason(s) given for poor or non-attendance will result in a £10 fine being levied by the Executive Committee against the offending Management Team.

9.5 When a replacement player is allocated to a team once the season has started the Team Management is required to contact the player within 7 days. They should then confirm to the Registration Secretary either the players intended start date or that the player no longer wants to play for the PBFL. Inability to contact the player must also be reported. In the latter instance the facts will be verified and another player will be allocated where necessary. Failure to act within the laid down period of time will result in a £10 fine being levied by the Executive Committee against the offending Management Team.

9.6 Any player who has played at least one full season for the PBFL and re-applies to join the PBFL after ceasing to play for their school or borough will be placed at the top of the waiting list for the relevant age group. However, where a player has previously played in a particular age group and is still eligible to do so, allocation may only be made to the team that was vacated and when a vacancy becomes available. (See also the further qualification in paragraph 9.10 below).

9.7 If a player plays for a team and is subsequently found to be over age or in any other way ineligible, the Executive Committee reserves the right to deduct any match points gained from games in which the player has competed, and/or a fine of £10 levied by the Executive Committee against the offending Management Team, depending on the circumstances of the situation.

9.9 The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend the membership of any player at any time, having notified the Team Manager, in writing, of the reason(s) for the suspension; and to remove any such suspension as and when it is deemed fit to do so.

9.10 The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse the registration of any replacement player(s) within 4 weeks of the intended final games of the season.

9.11 Prior to the end of the season, the Registration Secretary will provide the Team Manager with Statements of Intent (SOI) forms for the next season. The Manager should arrange for these to be completed with the intentions of the manager themselves and of the players in the team. Failure to distribute them when provided by the Executive Committee, or failure to collect and hand them in, may well result in the wishes of those concerned not being taken into account when the new Team Lists are constructed for the following season.

10 Transfer of Players

Transfers to other teams will only be allowed exceptionally, and at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Requests must be put in writing giving the reason(s) for applying.

11 Fixtures

11.1 All games will be arranged by the Fixture Secretary, and the details of League games and the preliminary rounds of Group Cup games will be notified to all teams. Teams should always monitor the PBFL’s website (details of which are available on request) to check for cancellations etc. Postponements will not be allowed for any reason unless the Fixture Secretary has been notified and has agreed; such notification to be received not later than (7:30) seven-thirty pm on the Friday prior to the relevant game. The Executive Committee reserves the right to only allow any team to cancel games on two occasions during a season, before awarding the match to their opponents. Any other contingency will be covered by RULE 25 below.

11.2 The Executive Committee alone shall decide whether games will be played as scheduled or cancelled on Saturdays during the season. Unless otherwise advised by the Executive Committee all games will be deemed to be “on”.

11.3 The minimum number of players that must be on the field of play at the start of a game to constitute the game as “official” is shown in Appendix 2. If there is less than the relevant minimum number on the field of play at the start of the game, the opposing team will, in normal circumstances, be awarded the points: the offending team will be deemed to have failed to fulfill the fixture and will be dealt with by the Executive Committee as considered appropriate. Any extenuating circumstances will be covered by RULE 25.

11.4 Matches are normally scheduled on Saturdays throughout the season.

Exceptionally, where the season has to be extended to complete the Leagues’ program, matches may be scheduled on mid-week evenings. Solely in this circumstance a team may seek a postponement up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time if they are unable to field the maximum number of players (as defined in Appendix 2) and/or no member of the Team Management is able to be present to attend to the team. The Fixture Secretary will endeavor to make alternative arrangements where it is possible to do so.

11.5 Where the Referee decides that there are reasonable grounds for delaying the start, this is covered in RULE 11.7 below. The Referee will record on the Card provided the number of players turning up to play during the whole game.

11.6 The number of periods of play and the length of each period is shown in Appendix 3. At the sole discretion of the Referee short time may be played where a delay is deemed to be legitimate. However, the maximum amount of time that each period of play can be reduced by for a match to still be considered as valid is five (5) minutes.

11.7 If the Referee considers that the conditions will not allow the minimum playing time – (see RULE11.6above), – then there will be no option but to abandon the game and report either one or both Teams to the Executive Committee. If the playing conditions are favorable the duration of the game (as shown in Appendix 3) shall not be unnecessarily curtailed.

11.8 The Executive Committee shall review all abandoned games and the circumstances surrounding their abandonment, and will adjudge whether the score at the time of the abandonment will stand, or the match will be awarded to one team, or whether the match is to be replayed.

12 Match Officials Fees and Attendance

12.1 Match fees will be determined by the Executive Committee and announced at the AGM. Payment of the match fee will be the responsibility of the Team Management. If requested by the referee, the fee should be paid prior to the start of the game. Each team is to pay 50% of the total match fee.

12.2 Where games cannot be played due to circumstances beyond the control of the Executive Committee, (e.g. adverse overnight weather conditions), all referees whom the Referee Secretary is unable to contact in time shall receive half of the match fee which will be paid by the Treasurer from the leagues funds.

12.3 Any Referee who does not turn up at the Ground for his/her appointed match, and the reason for non-attendance is not received by the Referees Secretary within the following (3) three days, may be reported by the latter to Surrey County FA.

12.4 In the event that a Referee is not appointed to a game, or the appointee fails to turn up, the Executive Committee will endeavor to provide a replacement. If one is not available the participating teams shall provide a Referee. Any such substitute referee will be vested with all the powers that a referee appointed by the PBFL would have.

13 Kick off times

The Leagues games will commence at kick-off times as determined and published by the Fixture Secretary.

14 First Aid Kits

The Executive Committee will endeavor to provide a First Aid resource on match days. Nevertheless, every team shall have a properly stocked First Aid Kit to deal with emergencies. (Details of the recommended contents are given in the Guidance notes for Team Managers). Inspections of First Aid Kits may be carried out on a random basis. Any team unable to provide one, or presents one that is inadequately stocked, will be given seven (7) days to remedy the situation and present it to a Committee Member for inspection. Failure to do so will result in a £5 fine being levied against the offending team unless an acceptable reason is provided.

15 Substitutes

15.1 All players in a team who attend the ground for a game, and are not injured, must play at least one half of a game (for teams whose games consists of two halves), or two thirds of a game (for teams whose games consists of three thirds). A team may not use its substitutes other than at the end of the first half or the first or second third unless it is to replace a player who, in the opinion of the referee, cannot reasonably be expected to continue playing because of injury. Once taken off the injured player may not return under any circumstances to take part in the game. A team may not replace a player who has been dismissed by the referee from the field of play. (See also RULE 19).

15.2 The names and numbers of the substitutes shall be given to the Referee prior to the commencement of the game. The substitutes shall be presented by the Team Manager, (or his/her Assistant), to the referee who will note the details on the card provided. Similarly, the player(s) that is/are taken off during the game shall also be presented to the referee so that the name(s) and number(s) can be recorded. The Referee will use his/her record to ensure that the player(s) noted earlier come on the pitch at the start of any subsequent period of play. He/she will also deal with any other anomaly, (e.g. late arrivals of players), that may occur. The requirements in 15.1 above will also apply to extra time played in Cup games.

15.3 In the event that an injury occurs in the second half or third period of a game, a player may be replaced with a player who was substituted earlier in the game provided that the player is of the same age group or younger.

16 Coaching of Players

The Team Manager, or his/her Assistant, may coach the players whilst a game is in progress provided that they are not acting as the referee’s assistant, with one exception. (See RULE 17 below).

17 Team Official Acting as a Referee’s Assistant

Any person who volunteers to act as a referee’s assistant must give his/her full attention to the referee and to controlling the game. He/she must not coach the players at the same time, with one exception. This is only allowed when a Team Manager, or in his/her absence the Assistant, is unable to find a suitable volunteer and therefore has no choice but to also act as the referee’s assistant. In this sole circumstance he/she may coach the players in all aspects of the game OTHER THAN THE OFF-SIDE RULE. Referees will be encouraged to speak to any linesman heard coaching. For this reason any Team Manager or his/her assistant, in this position must advise the referee prior to the start of any game to avoid any possible subsequent misunderstanding.

18 Reporting of Results

The result of each official match should be notified to the Fixture Secretary by both the Referee and both Management Teams immediately after the game has finished and before they leave the grounds, on the cards provided. If the Team Management’s Card is not handed in by the Saturday following the date of the game, the Team Management will be contacted. Notice of the failing will also be posted on the internal Notice board by the Fixture Secretary on the following Saturday. If the outstanding Team Management Card is still not handed in by the close of play two weeks after the game a £5 fine will be levied against the Management Team. If the Card is still not received and/or the fine is not paid to an Executive Committee member by the close of play on the subsequent Saturday the fine will be increased to £10. The Executive Committee reserves the right to suspend the whole team from playing further games until the outstanding Card and/or fine is received.

19 Code of Conduct

19.1 Players are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner to and from the Ground.

19.2 A player must not swear at or argue with any other player or adult whilst within the confines of King George V Playing Fields.

19.3 Any player in the Premier League, who is adjudged by the Referee to be guilty of a serious offence which warrants being shown a yellow or red card, will be dealt with as appropriate under the laws of the game. A report will be sent by the Referee to Surrey County FA. There will be no right of appeal against yellow or red cards except in the case of mistaken identity.

19.4 If any player in the Primary League is adjudged by the Referee to be guilty of an offence which would warrant a yellow card, in the first instance of such an offence the Team manager, or in their absence, the assistant, will be asked to remove the player from the field of play for a period of 5 minutes to allow the player to calm down. The player will only be allowed back on to the pitch if the referee is satisfied that the player will not repeat the actions which brought about the initial exclusion. If a player in the Primary League is adjudged by the Referee to be guilty of a subsequent offence which would warrant a yellow card, or an offence which warrants a red card, a report will be sent by the Referee to the Referees Secretary. There will be no right of appeal against yellow or red cards except in the case of mistaken identity. If a player is found to be guilty of (i) violent conduct or (ii) verbal abuse to the Referee then he/she will be given an automatic ban covering the next two matches to be played for offence (i) above, or a one match ban covering the next match to be played for offence (ii) above.

19.5 The Team Management, Parents and/or other Spectators are required at all times to set the right example to the players by their own good conduct generally, and their lack of interference with the normal procedures of the game. In particular, they should not:

(i) Exhibit or become involved in any violent behavior.

(ii) Use foul or abusive language.

(iii) Argue with any decision made by the Referee.

(iv) Stand near to either of the goals, stand on the lines or on the field of play; (the said person could be deemed to be interfering with play).

(v) Encourage or condone bad or unsporting conduct on the part of any player.

19.6 Any adult contravening the above Code of Conduct whilst the match is under the control of the Referee, and is spoken to by the Referee, may be asked to leave the Ground immediately. Where a decision is made the referee will not restart the game until this is complied with; seeking the help of an Executive Committee member if necessary. The Referee will prepare and send a report of the incident to the Surrey County FA. Any such matters that occur without a Referee becoming involved, or at other times at the Ground, will be dealt with by the Executive Committee where the incident is:

(i) Personally witnessed by a committee member, or

(ii) Brought to the attention of the Executive Committee, in writing, within the seven (7) days following the alleged incident(s).

19.7 Any person banned from the Ground will remain so pending either:

(i) a hearing convened by the Surrey County (Youth) F.A. or

(ii) The outcome of the Executive Committee’s deliberations.

In the latter instance the matter will be discussed by the Executive Committee and a decision made, within fourteen (14) days of the written notification being received by the Committee.

19.8 Any non-compliance with the rules contained in this section 19 by a parent or guardian will result in the cancellation of their child (ren)’s registration(s) with no registration fee refund. Any non-compliance by an adult who is not directly related to a player will be referred to Surrey County FA, or in extreme cases the Police. Any person subsequently found guilty of an offence could face a fine and/or a ban from football.

19.9 Where any person is fined and payment is not received within the stipulated time the fine will be increased. If it is still not paid by the due date the Team that the person was supporting at the time of any incident will be required to settle it under penalty of a loss of football until it is paid.

19.10 Where any person is banned and this is not adhered to their child (ren)s registration(s) will be cancelled with no registration fee refund.

19.11 The Team Management is required to bring the foregoing to the attention of all of their players, the players parents/guardians and with the aid of the latter, other spectators who attend matches. The Team Managers will be held responsible to the Executive Committee for any breaches of the Code by their Teams.

20 Regulation Kit

20.1 Regulation playing kit as provided by the PBFL (i.e. shirts, shorts and socks), plus shin pads and proper football boots, must be worn by all players. The shin pads must be worn on the inside of socks and provide adequate protection; not just be fashionable. Additionally, Referees may permit goalkeepers to wear caps on sunny days.

Referees will not allow players to wear any other external garments when participating in official games under the Leagues’ jurisdiction.

20.2 Where either the Referees Secretary or the Referee identifies a clash of team colors in a match, the team classified as the “Away Team” will either change into a spare strip or wear the bibs provided.

20.3 Team kits must not be worn, either wholly or in part, at any time other than in official games under the jurisdiction of the PBFL and sanctioned by the Fixtures Secretary. Exceptionally, teams may request to wear their league strip in representative games away from the Ground where prior permission has been sought and granted by the Kit Officer.

21 Trustees of the Leagues Trophies

21.1 The Trophy Officer and the Treasurer shall be deemed to be the Trustees of all the Leagues Cups, Shields and other Trophies presented by the Leagues. No Trophy can be won outright. Once allocated, the winning team or person shall be responsible for the safekeeping of any Trophy whilst it is in their possession. They shall be expected to return it in good condition. If there is a space on a Cup or Trophy for an inscription bearing the winning team’s or person’s name and the year it was won, the winner should arrange for this to be done. The cost will be borne by the Leagues.

21.2 If any Trophy is lost or damaged while it is not in the custody of the Trustees the team or person awarded with it will be responsible for either refunding its current value for its replacement or the cost of its thorough repair. All of the Leagues Trophies must be returned to the Trophy Officer by the end of February of each year.

22 Assets of the Leagues

22.1 All playing kit, trophies and other assets acquired by the Leagues shall be the property of the PBFL, and shall be used for the furtherance of the PBFL’s objectives. Upon dissolution of the Leagues all the assets remaining shall be given or transferred to another registered charity, another registered Community Amateur Sports Club or footballs governing body at the time and used by them in related community sports, at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee. Under no circumstances whatsoever may they be distributed, either wholly or in part, to players, parents, or officials of the Leagues.

Any and all surplus income or gains are retained by the PBFL and reinvested in the furtherance of the PBFL’s aims and objectives. No surplus funds or assets will be distributed to any member or third party.

23 Complaints and Rights of Appeal

23.1 Any complaints requiring the Executive Committee’s attention must be lodged in writing with the General Secretary within fourteen (14) days of the alleged incidence or occurrence. Once the protest or complaint has been lodged it cannot be withdrawn except with the permission of the Executive Committee. Any matter raised and received after the stipulation time period will not be entertained. The Executive Committee will consider the complaint and provide a written reply within fourteen (14) days of the date of receipt of the complaint.

23.2 All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be binding, subject to the Right of Appeal, in accordance with the Leagues Rules.

23.3 Upon receipt of any decision taken by the Executive Committee the Team Management, or individual(s), concerned will have fourteen (14) days in which to appeal. Any appeal should be sent to the General Secretary. An independent panel will be set up to deal with the appeal. Any costs arising from a Hearing will be borne by those who lose the case.

24 Alterations to the Rules

Any person in a team wishing to propose one, or more, alterations to the Leagues Rules (excluding the Appendices) at the next AGM, must first seek support from someone in another team. He/she should then notify the General Secretary, in writing, of any proposed change(s) before 1st April in the year. Any proposed new Rule, or amendment to an existing Rule, will only be considered if it has either been:

(i) Duly seconded by a member of another team in the Leagues; or

(ii) Put forward by any two (2) members of the Executive Committee.

25 Contingency

Any contingency not covered by the above Rules will be dealt with by the Executive Committee as it sees fit. In particular, the Executive Committee reserves the right to incorporate within the Leagues Rules any such stipulations as may be required as a result of affiliation to Surrey County FA, and in that situation any such change shall not be subject to the provisions in RULE 24 above.




The maximum and minimum numbers of players to be on the pitch at the start of play for which a match will be deemed to be valid are as follows:



A match will played for the number of periods and minutes in each period as noted below: